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UniqStats is a next-generation website visitor intelligence solution. It uses data-mining techniques which means you have access to powerful querying capabilities unmatched by any other web analytics offering.

*   It can answer complex queries regarding your website visitors' behaviour or your online marketing initiatives.

*   It can provide indepth insights into your website visitors, including the manner in which they access your website - e.g. via normal computing devices, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet pcs, and internet or web-connected TVs.

*   It gives accurate analysis that is multi-faceted, whether in broad terms or detailed insights, completely driven by, and adaptable to, the needs of your online business.

*   General trends or behaviour uncovered with initial analysis can also be followed up with focussed enquiry, to any depth or detail required.

Such a degree of querying flexibility is found in no other web analytic solution at the present.


UniqStats can maximize the profitability and effectiveness of your online business, by providing and enabling :

*   Real intelligence and profound insights into your online visitor/clientele base.

*   Identification of the most effective channels :

*   Online advertising

*   Partners and resellers

*   Keyword searches

Effectiveness measured by bottom-line outcomes, such as sales conversions, or registrations.

*   Determination of dropout rates at critical shopping or registration stages.

*   Tracking of Return on Investment on advertising, email and other promotional campaigns.

*   Capacity planning of online server resources to meet peak traffics, visitor growth and adequate response times for improved visitor experience.

*   Adoption of appropriate marketing strategies to :

*   Increase online sales (conversions)

*   Improve visitor loyalty

*   Increase visitor volume

*   Improve website content

*   Eliminate navigational bottlenecks


UniqStats provides true visitor intelligence by allowing a high degree of data-mining on the website visitor data.

Contrast this to conventional web analytic software, which does not support data-mining, or has very restrictive capabilities when it comes to targeting of very specific groups of website visitors.


UniqStats' powerful querying capability enables the formulation of arbitrary, complex and multi-criteria queries - much like a database querying language made possible the complex database queries.

Figure 1 shows examples of queries for a website.

Queries can combine :

*   Logical operators, such as AND, OR, NOT; this is further augmented by TIME SEQUENCE operators, for expressing time ordering.

*   Visitor attributes – e.g.

*   organization visitor comes from

*   country visitor comes from,

*   referring site,

*   Visitor navigation behaviour –

*   paths taken within the website

*   their time ordering, e.g. only those who visit Subsite A ‘immediately followed by’, ‘not followed by’, ‘sometime later followed by’, ‘sometime later NOT followed by’ Page B or Subsite B.

*   Custom visitor data – i.e. data specifically collected by the website about the visitor and stored in the visitors' cookies, such as, demographic profile or recent buying history.

*   Without additional investment, UniqStat's powerful engine is made available to (i) combine custom visitor data , as criteria in queries, as well as (ii) to process and aggregate such data.

*   Furthermore, metrics produced from combining standard and custom criteria, will still be based on the same underlying methodology. Hence, the results can be meaningfully compared with other UniqStats results.


With the aforementioned querying power, no other system provides the level of visitor segmentation found in UniqStats. For a given visitor segment, UniqStats will produce a set of detailed metrics, reports and analyses on the segment, providing a rich understanding of the visitor segment in question.

Hence, it is possible to obtain answers to questions such as these :

*   Those from Australia and referred by a specific website, browsed subsite A then subsite B, ventured into shopping cart, selected at least one product, but did not check out and pay.

*   Those not from Asean countries, are referred by Google, came to website and eventually made a purchase.

*   Level of traffic and visitors referred by the various advertisers and partners. Amount of interest shown while at website.

*   Actual conversion rate resulting from the traffic from various advertisers and partners.