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UniqStats' highly-scalable processing engine, a result of years of R&D, maximizes processing efficiency, making the following possible :

*   Powerful data mining and querying capabilities

*   Results ready for analysis in a timely manner.

*   Easily accommodate increases in website traffic growth and huge websites.

*   Back-date queries on past data with ease.


UniqStats provides very accurate numbers, knowing that business decisions rely on the information.

Accurate methodologies tend to place a high demand on processing power. With UniqStats' highly-scalable processing engine, processing power is available to support the very accurate methodologies UniqStats employ.

Other offerings, on the other hand, sometimes use questionable statistical projections and estimations - since they cannot handle the processing loads required to produce results within acceptable timeframes. The results are dubious numbers with questionable usefulness.

Some measures to ensure even greater accuracy includes :

*   Detecting and uncovering webcrawlers and robots masking as real users.

*   Real visitor reports are produced, unskewed by webcrawlers.

*   Separate webcrawler reports are produced, where desired, to study webcrawler behaviour.

*   When cookies are disabled, UniqStats employ methodologies that would still discern individual unique users to the most accurate degree possible.

*   First-party data collection approach avoids anti-spyware blocking, to reduce undercounting.


Many web analytic software collect visitor data as a third-party, where data is posted to a domain other than the client's own. Some consider this an invasion of privacy. It can also produce negative visitor sentiments towards a website.

Third-party monitoring by website analytic companies has the capability to track a visitor beyond the current website, to other websites which are monitored by them. They are often considered as spyware, and anti-spyware software often block their monitoring. The result is undercounting of visitors by these software, and consequently, inaccurate numbers.

In contrast, UniqStats collects visitor data as a first-party in the client's own domain, avoiding the aforementioned problems. First-party monitoring is generally acceptable as websites often do this for their own website planning and improvement. Such an approach avoids negative visitor sentiments and the undercounting problem.


Ever wish to know something about your website visitors from the past, but have not thought about asking those queries until now? Or perhaps, you formulated some new queries based on new business requirements, but wish to have continuity of data from the past, to see any historical trends and patterns.

UniqStats highly-scalable processing engine means that back-dating of queries, even for lengthy past periods, can be accomplished with relative ease, providing you with the opportunity to data-mine from historical data.