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*   UniqStats' clean and clear interface provides easy to understand reports.

*   You specify queries or business scenarios, however complex, in plain language. UniqStats personnel will take care of the rest, so you get the answers effortlessly.

*   You get powerful reports with little or no configuration.

*   Contrast to other offerings, where users have to invest significant training to access even moderately powerful features.

*   To illustrate, UniqStats' Path Analysis report – the network of top paths visited at the website are produced automatically (see Figure 2). UniqStats users can explore this network, to gain a detailed understanding into how visitors navigate through the site.


*   All hardware, data collection and processing service is provided, freeing you to concentrate on business decision-making.

*   No capital investment or training of personnel is needed. Yet, you will have the power of a world-class web visitor intelligence solution at your disposal.


A serious challenge is faced by online businesses earnestly seeking a web analytic or visitor intelligence tool that can deliver a positive impact to their businesses, at an affordable price.

On one hand, there are plenty of free and low cost offerings – but they suffer from the same typical shortcomings – lacks flexibility, inability to scale (even for moderately-sized websites), very limited in scope and quality of information provided, and with limited or no customer support.

On the other hand, higher end enterprise offerings tend to charge rather exorbitant fees, pricing it beyond the reach of most, except for the very large enterprises. This is despite the fact that some of them are solutions of only modest adequacy and power.

In contrast, UniqStats offers a truly high-end, powerful web visitor intelligence solution for an online business seriously looking for good value and good service, at a justifiable cost.